Scottish Episcopal Church Priest appointed as the new Lord Lyon King of Arms

January 19, 2014

The Rev Canon Dr Joseph Morrow, Chancellor of the Diocese of Brechin, Honorary Canon of
St Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee and Chaplain, Glamis Castle has been appointed as the new Lord Lyon King of Arms.

The Lord Lyon office dates from the 14th Century.  Duties include the granting of armorial bearings and judicial rulings on who has the right to bear an existing coat of arms.

The appointment was made by the Queen on the recommendation of the First Minister. Under section 3 of the Lyon King of Arms (Scotland) Act 1867, the part-time appointment is based at Edinburgh’s New Register House.

It was made following advertisement, interview of a short-list of candidates by a selection board followed by recommendation to the First Minister.

Dr Morrow has a special interest in ecclesiastical history and 35 years’ experience of the practical application of ceremonial within a variety of settings including State, Civil, Military and Ecclesiastical areas of Scottish life.

Please visit the Scottish Government website for full details of the appointment.