The Scottish Episcopal Church Working with Other Faiths

The Scottish Episcopal Church has a proud record of engagement in interfaith relations in Scotland.

Principally this is carried out through involvement in the national body, Interfaith Scotland, and local interfaith groups (see Interfaith Scotland website for details of groups local to you).

In addition the Episcopal Church has been a leading developer of the Just Festival in Edinburgh, which has a strong interfaith dimension.

Our Interfaith Relations Committee (previously know as CRPOF) exists to encourage an engagement of Episcopalians with people of other faiths that moves us beyond tolerance, that challenges prejudice and that deepens our faith through hospitality and encounter.

The 2011 census underlined the extent of the diversity within Scotland, particularly in our urban areas, and it is important to build bridges in a culture of fragmentation, where diversity and difference, we are sometimes told, lead only to conflict.

Our experience is that the opposite can be true: that people from the range of faith communities present in Scotland truly welcome and value approaches from other faiths.

A first step is to overcome our ignorance and fear through learning about the living heart of another’s faith, but beyond that, we can move into joint action, and robust conversation about our differences.

The dynamics of inter-faith encounter were explored in a Grosvenor Essay produced by CRPOF in 2006.