Vocation and Ministry

You may wonder if you have a ‘vocation’, and the answer is ‘Yes’, because we all do.

Each one of us is called to become fully human, and to join in the great adventure of sharing God’s love in the world, alerting it to God’s presence in our midst. Each one of us has been given gifts that we can offer for this service, and we are invited to discover how best we may use them.

God calls some people to help the Church’s mission of love in a public way, appointing them to be a focus of ministry and to take responsibility for aspects of the Church’s life and growth.They may become lay readers, deacons or priests.

Perhaps you are wondering whether God is calling you to this kind of ministry. You may have a strong inner sense that God is drawing you towards it. Or perhaps other people have mentioned it to you.

Maybe you are curious about what public ministry involves, and want to know more about it. You might be wondering whether you have what it takes to become an authorised minister in the Church.

You can find out more about the kinds of ministry authorised in the Scottish Episcopal Church, and how vocations to them are discerned.

You can find out whom to contact to explore your vocation further.

There are resources and links which you might find helpful here.

Remember that God knows you and will accompany you on every step of your vocational journey. You might like to read Psalm 139:

“O Lord, you have searched me out and known me …”