Faith and the Scottish Elections

February 18, 2016

A briefing resource from the Scottish Churches’ Parliamentary Office including Guidance on Holding Hustings Events is now available. This is a collection of topical briefings designed for Scottish church groups who are planning an election meeting or hustings – so that they can question political party candidates on what they believe is important and be involved in a wider public debate. The subjects covered are:

Economy; Constitution, People and Parliament; Policing, Crime and Punishment; Education; Food Poverty, Housing and Homelessness; Land Reform; Health; Refugees and Migration; Europe and External Affairs; and Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

There is also a ‘How To’ guide on holding hustings events to equip groups to organise their own.

As Christians we are called to play our part in building God’s kingdom. One way we can offer our support is to encourage open and respectful debate on the decision that voters will be facing in May. Churches are often seen as a neutral space, and so can provide an impartial opportunity for political debate. Christians are citizens too, and many will have views which have been shaped by their faith on current issues.

A church’s election meeting can be a chance for members of your congregation to ask parliamentary candidates the questions that matter to them. For more resources on election issues visit the Scottish Churches’ Parliamentary Office website at