September 2, 2016

The Rev Christoph Wutscher to be appointed Rector at Holy Trinity, Stirling on 23 September 2016.

The Rev Annie Naish to be appointed as Bishop’s Enabler of Mission for the Diocese of Edinburgh on 20 September 2016.

The Rev Yousouf Gooljary to be appointed Associate Rector at Christ Church, Morningside on 15 September 2016.

The Rev Nerys Brown was ordained Priest by the Most Rev David Chillingworth at St John’s Church, Perth on 28 August 2016.

The Rev Captain Gerry Bowyer was licensed as Priest in Charge, and Mrs Jo Bowyer commissioned as Church Army Evangelist, at the Fresh Expressions Church CAF4E , Aberdeen on 27 August 2016.

The Rev Canon Paul Watson was appointed Rector at St Clement’s, Aberdeen on 18 August 2016; he continues as Rector at St Devenick’s, Aberdeen.