Scottish Episcopal Institute to consider new style of context-based training

February 9, 2017

In announcing the recent developments in the link the Scottish Episcopal Institute (SEI) has been seeking to forge with St Mellitus College, London the Rt Rev Kevin Pearson, Convener of the Scottish Episcopal Institute Council says: “Conversations have progressed very positively on a number of fronts over two years. Although St Mellitus have now confirmed that they do not have the resources to develop a formal partnership with SEI (mainly because they are focussing their next growth effort on the south west of England) they have said that they are confident that SEI can develop its own ‘St Mellitus type’ mode of context-based training. This is a very positive affirmation. They have also said that if SEI moves ahead with running its own mixed- mode training, they could explore the attendance of SEI ordinands at St Mellitus College residentials.

“The Institute Council is now developing a pathway for a full-time SEI staff member who might be appointed to be the tutor for this ‘St Mellitus style’ mode of context-based training, where ordinands will study part-time on the Common Awards curriculum while working as an intern in a congregation the rest of the week. This new post is an exciting development which will support the mission of the whole church as well as equipping candidates for lives of missional leadership.”