The SEC Virtual Choir for Advent & Christmas

Thanks for volunteering to be a part of the Virtual Choir for Advent and Christmas from the Scottish Episcopal Church.

On this page you will find all you need to contribute to this exciting part of our Advent & Christmas worship.

The process for contributing is designed to be as simple as possible.  Each person is asked ton record themselves singing along to the organ recordings linked below.  These recordings will be mixed together to create a virtual choir across Scotland and possibly further afield.  No-one’s recording will be highlighted individually, everyone will be singing as a group.

  1. Download the files linked below.  This contains backing tracks, sheet music, lyrics and an instruction sheet for each Carol
  2. Listen through to the backing track and read along with the lyrics or the music depending on preference
  3. Set up your camera/phone/tablet/webcam
  4. Pop in a pair of headphones
  5. Record yourself singing the Carol along with the backing track (if you don’t want to appear on camera simply leave me a note when you send the files, but the more faces the merrier!)
  6. Transfer the file with our dedicated transfer page linked below
  7. Join the services over Advent and Christmas to see the full and final results!


Here are the links you will need:

Download the backing tracks, lyrics and sheet music here.

Upload your finished videos here.

Thanks again for being involved in this project.  Please share this page with any friends you have who may also want to be involved!  If you have any questions please contact our Digital Communications Co-ordinator, Aidan Strange, on

You can find more detailed instructions here for those who intend to sing a SATB line, or a Descant.