Clergy Wellbeing

Here you can find resources for Clergy wellbeing.

OrganisationWebsitePhoneDescription 123 3393Mental Health Support
Anxiety 775 774Anxiety Support
Bipolar peer support services to empower people affected by bipolar to live well
CALMwww.thecalmzone.net0800 585858Mental health helpline and web chat
No 772 9844No Panic offers advice, support, recovery programs and help for people living with phobias, OCD and any other anxiety-based disorders.
Papyruswww.papyrus-uk.org0800 068 4141Youth suicide prevention
Men's Health 7922 7908Provides 24/7 stress support for men to text, chat and email.
Rethink Mental 123
Alzheimer’s 222 1122
Cruse Bereavement 808 1677Offering support with grief
Mencap 808 1111Working to support people with learning disabilities and their families relationship support
Sheldon Hubwww.sheldonhub.orgA safe place for people in ministry to meet and share. Access is by logging into the website. There is a validation process which allows individuals who are in ministry to access a variety of information. It also allows those not in ministry to access certain parts of the hub.
St Luke's Health 7898 1700Charity offering healthcare support for clergy and their families
Place for 580 359A charity offering a variety of support to clergy

Financial resources.

Christians against poverty: Debt counselling and guidance
Scottish Debt
Money Advice

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