Church in Society Committee

The Church in Society Committee is an advocate for positive and constructive change on issues where there is currently inherent injustice.

The Committee addresses major issues facing Scottish society and encourages positive change in government policy and within the global community.

The Committee can provide some small grant provision for local projects.

The Committee has produced a document with details of all the projects to which the Committee provides financial support. You can download the document here.

In the introduction to the document, the Committee says “our Church interacts with society in so many ways. With our size and limited resources, the number of things that we can deal with directly is limited. This has led to a model of focusing our resources on a small number of areas where we lead partnerships and where we feel we can make a real difference, but most of our aspirations seek to have effect through working with others. This community model seems appropriate and widens the impact of our church in its mission to be a Christian voice in current society.”

The Church in Society Committee is part of the Mission Board of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Member Name
Rev S Scott
2022 - 2027

Rev B Evans-Hills
Convener of Interfaith
2020 - 2025

Ms C Beel
2022 - 2026

J Benvie
2022 - 2026

Rev R Campbell
2022 - 2026

Rev W J Shaw
2021 - 2025

Mr J Collings