Youth Committee

The Provincial Youth Committee is a collection of youth representatives and youth officers with representatives from all seven dioceses. The committee come together to discuss the status of the youth within their diocese, plan provincial youth events and to ensure the voice of the young people is heard.

To ensure our young people are heard meetings are held by two youth representatives that hold the position of chair and secretary of the PYC. All youth representatives hold a voting position to ensure that it is the young people that make decisions about what happens within the province.

The Provincial Youth Committee provides a safe space for young people to voice their opinions, be heard and have a role within the church.


Whether you have one teenager in your church or a team of young people, they all need to know about provincial youth events. Keep an eye on the website for event forms, if you have any queries about any of our events do not hesitate to contact the connected youth officer.


Next Event: Fruits of the Harvest Sleepover

A range of fun activities which are varied and exciting just like we do at Glen! There is something for everyone if you are arty, scientific, energetic, calm… whoever you are you will find something you’ll enjoy. If you have never been to Glen it is a great chance to get a feel for all the fun that we have there. We will also be taking a lead role in the worship at the Sunday service.

7-8 September 2019 at St Peter’s, Kirkcaldy

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Committee Members

NamePositionDioceseEmail AddressDate of Appointment
Eleanor TofieldChairGlasgow & Gallowaypycsecretary@outlook.comChair - June 2019
Claire Benton-EvansPYC
The Rev Tembu RongongConvenorEdinburgh
The Most Rev Mark StrangeCollege of BishopsMoray, Ross & Caithness
VacancyYouth OfficerAberdeen & Orkney
Vacancy12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeAberdeen & Orkney
Vacancy12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeAberdeen & Orkney
Vacancy18 - 25 Youth RepresentativeAberdeen & Orkney
VacancyYouth OfficerArgyll & The Isles
Vacancy12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeArgyll & The Isles
Amelia McFarlane12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeArgyll & The Isles
Vacancy18 - 25 Youth RepresentativeArgyll & The Isles
VacancyYouth OfficerBrechin
12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeBrechin
12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeBrechin
Thalia Chappell18 - 25 Youth RepresentativeBrechin
Claire Benton-EvansYouth
Phoebe Pryce12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeEdinburgh
Freya McLeman12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeEdinburgh
Olivia Smith18 - 25 Youth RepresentativeEdinburgh
Amie ByersYouth OfficerGlasgow &
Tobias Benton-Evans12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeGlasgow & Galloway
Eleanor Tofield12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeGlasgow & Galloway
Kymm Byers18 - 25 Youth RepresentativeGlasgow & Galloway
Ley-Anne ForsythYouth OfficerMoray, Ross &
Meghan Philp12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeMoray, Ross & Caithness
Alex Miller12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeMoray, Ross & Caithness
Rebecca Northover18 - 25 Youth RepresentativeMoray, Ross & Caithness
James GardnerYouth OfficerSt Andrews, Dunkeld &
Mia Shanks12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeSt Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane
Adrian Buxel12 - 18 Youth RepresentativeSt Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane
Rebecca Cromwell18 - 25 Youth RepresentativeSt Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane