Youth Committee

The Provincial Youth Committee (PYC) represents all young people in the Scottish Episcopal Church and oversees events and activities involving young people throughout the year.

The PYC has seats for a Youth Officer and three youth representatives from each diocese: two 12-18 reps and one 18-25 rep. The Provincial Youth Committee provides a safe space for young people to voice their opinions, be heard and have a role within the church. Only the youth reps are voting members.

The PYC is overseen by the Mission Board and led by the Convenor, Rev Tembu Rongong, who is also the Leader of the Provincial Youth Week. The work of the PYC is facilitated by the Provincial Youth Coordinator, Claire Benton-Evans.

The PYC is not responsible for the running of the Youth Week (“Yeek”), which is managed by the Youth Week leadership team: visit

For more information about children, young people and families in the Scottish Episcopal Church, visit our webpage here.

Photo: the PYC is running a “Bishop-Bagging” competition for young people to take a selfie with as many bishops as possible in 2024! Mia Shanks, youth rep for Brechin Diocese, set the record by bagging bishops from three continents at once – pictured here with Bishop Andrew of Brechin, Bishop Betsey of Iowa and Bishop Dalcy of Swaziland.


Read the Provincial Youth Newsletter here.

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PYC contacts


Provincial Youth Committee Convener, Rev Tembu Rongong

Provincial Youth Coordinator, Claire Benton-Evans


If there are no contact details for your diocese, please get in touch with the Provincial Youth Coordinator.

Brechin – Claire Benton-Evans, Children & Youth Officer

Edinburgh – Rev Fiona Reynolds, Advisor for Christian Life:

Moray, Ross and Caithness – Ley-Anne Haigh-Forsyth, Youth Officer:

St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane – James Gardner, Youth & Children Officer: