The Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal

An Outreach of the Scottish Episcopal Institute

The Scottish Episcopal Institute’s vision – to form and develop people as competent and confident authorised ministers – includes the whole of the Scottish Episcopal Church. An independent Province of the Anglican Communion, the Scottish Episcopal Church has a breadth and depth of theological acumen, liturgical expression, pastoral life and ministerial experience. The Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal shares these riches in its quarterly, open-access, online journal.

The Journal highlights the thinking of the clergy and laity of the Scottish Episcopal Church, encourages debate on current issues in the Anglican Communion and invites dialogue on what it means to live a life of holiness and service as an Episcopalian in Scotland in the twenty-first century.

The Journal – electronic and free to all – is nimble in its responsiveness to an ever ancient, ever new, living church. It welcomes previously unpublished contributions from those who write to inspire and instruct people who seek to know and serve God and one another in the announcement of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.The Scottish Episcopal Institute hopes the Journal to be a catalyst for prayer, thought and reflection at the heart of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

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