SEI Pro-formas

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IME2 (years 4-6) Pro-formasto refer to the Curates’ IME2 (years 4-6) Handbook please click here

The Pro-formas are listed by Appendix as shown in the Curates’ IME2 (years 4-6) Handbook.

Appendix 1

ii Congregational pro forma
iv Training Incumbent Agreement
v Outline pro forma of letters to Incumbent Status Curates
v Outline pro forma of letters to Assistant clergy

Appendix 2

i Record of Supervision
ii Debriefing of the Training Incumbent at the end of a curacy
iii Pro forma to be used for Annual Review
iv Annual Review Part 2 Record of Training Needs

Appendix 3

ii Working Agreement
iv Sermon evaluation feedback form
v Worship leading feedback form
vi Learning from a Ministry Event
vii Pastoral Visiting Record Form