Vocations Sunday

The College of Bishops confirmed that the fourth Sunday after Easter would be kept as ‘Vocations Sunday’ in the Scottish Episcopal Church.

It is often referred to as ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’, because the gospel reading for the day is taken from John 10, which explores the image of Jesus as the good shepherd.

Vocations Sunday offers us the opportunity to consider what ‘calling’ means in the Church, and how we may best use our gifts in God’s service.

This document aims to provide resources for congregations and their leaders to explore the theme of vocation at services. The sections are:

  1. suggested prayers
  2. using the sermon time
  3. hymns
  4. links to other websites which offer further resources
  5. Is there anyone there? Edited original article (2021) from Inspires on ‘Vocation in the SEC today’ (2011)

If you would like further information or help for Vocations Sunday, please contact the Provincial Director of Ordinands (PDO):

Provincial Director of Ordinands

Rev Canon Ian D Barcroft: PDO@scotland.anglican.org