Acting Like A Christian: five-part discussion series

February 17, 2021
What does it mean to act like a Christian? To put it another way, what is characteristic of Christian behaviour?

Jesus says that everyone will know his disciples by their love. How are his disciples known in the twenty-first century by that criterion?

For five Monday evenings in Lent, a series of events hosted by the Scottish Episcopal Institute will consider these questions.

The events will look to the sources of Christian ethics: to God’s revelation in the Bible and in the world. They will look to constructively critical voices from scientists, philosophers and theologians. And they will try to articulate principles to guide Christian behaviour as individuals and communities, to identify what place such principles have in the public square as opposed to private life, and to develop some facility to apply such principles to contemporary ethical questions.

Michael Hull, the SEI’s Director of Studies, will facilitate this discussion about knowing Christians by their love.

The discussion will be held on five Mondays from 7pm to 8pm via Zoom.

  1. Monday 22 February: What does it mean to love like a Christian (John 13.34–35)?
  2. Monday 1 March: How is the Christian understanding of love critiqued today (John 8.3–11)?
  3. Monday 8 March: How is love to guide Christian behaviour (Titus 2.11–15)?
  4. Monday 15 March: Does Christian ethics have a place in the public square (I Peter 2.11–15)?
  5. Monday 22 March: How may Christian principles be applied today (James 1.22–25)?

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