Advisory Group issues update to Phase 3 guidance

November 20, 2020

The Advisory Group of the Scottish Episcopal Church has revised its Phase 3 guidance to reflect the Scottish Government’s Strategic Framework update which was issued earlier this week and was reported on here.

The Group would like to draw attention to the fact that for Local Authority areas in level 4 of the Strategic Framework, the maximum permitted number for attendance at weddings was 15 but has now been increased by the Scottish Government back to 20 (the same maximum which applies for worship services). It remains the case that wedding receptions in level 4 areas are not permitted.

The revised guidance from the Advisory Group is available here.

Additions have also been made to the FAQs in relation to issues of travel, the crossing of Local Authority boundaries and carol singing. These are available here.

Meanwhile, the Advisory Group is aware that indications have been made in recent days from politicians about a possible loosening of social gathering rules around Christmas time. There is no indication that there will be any loosening of restrictions in relation to places of worship and it is suggested that the planning of Christmas worship arrangements should continue to be made on the basis of the current guidance. There will be a number of provincial worship offerings over the Christmas period which will be broadcast in a similar way to regular Sunday morning online worship. The Group is also aware that many churches will also be making their own arrangements to provide online worship.