Evening Prayer from St Margaret’s, Lossiemouth

August 27, 2020

The Rev Tembu Rongong, Priest in Charge at St Margaret’s, Lossiemouth and Holy Trinity, Elgin, leads a service of Evening Prayer, using the short form of Daily Prayer, from St Margaret’s, Lossiemouth.

You can download the liturgy here: http://bit.ly/EveningPrayer27August

And join the service from 6.30pm at:

Rev Tembu is joined by a member of his family.

In addition to the online resources, there is a telephone service to allow those who do not have internet access to listen to the service of worship by telephone. The facility is free of charge for anyone calling by landline or mobile phone from within the UK. It will be helpful if those who have online access to worship continue to use that method rather than using the telephone line, to avoid unnecessary additional cost incurred by the GSO, and we would also appreciate help in reaching non-internet users who are unable to see this information.

Anyone who would like full details of how to access the telephone line, in order to share them with someone who needs this service should email AidanS@scotland.anglican.org.

The broadcast will be available for all to access on YouTube and Facebook. Subtitles are available on both platforms, if selected by the user. Look for the CC icon at the bottom of the display screen on YouTube; on facebook, go to Settings, then Video, then select Always Show Captions.

We encourage people to distribute the video/audio recordings and the Liturgy widely within their own personal networks. In households with no internet or playback capacity at all, if people are simply given the opportunity to read the words of the Liturgy to themselves close to the appointed time, they will be praising God along with others in the Church.