General Synod 2014 Day Three

June 14, 2014

Following Morning Prayer, the final day of Synod started with a report on the work of the Administration Board and its pendant committees by its Convener Mr Michael Lugton.   Mr Jeremy Burchill, Convener of the Investment Committee advised Synod of the current market conditions and their effect on the Church’s Unit Trust Pool and Mr Alex Stewart, Convener of the Buildings Committee, referred to the Eco Congregation Report and the challenges facing the Church in keeping up the maintenance of Church’s buildings.

A Motion was presented from the Diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney requesting that the College of Bishops devise a statistical return which better reflects current patterns of support and activity in the life of dioceses. A range of comments were heard from the floor of General Synod before the Motion was carried.

The Bishop of Edinburgh opened the final session of Synod by reporting on the activities of the Diaconate Working Group and this was followed by the Convener of the Standing Committee, Mr David Palmer, presenting the Budget and Quota and the Motion which approved the Quota figure of £678,602 for 2015.

Following endorsements by Synod of a number of appointments to Board and Committees, The Primus confirmed the Acts of Synod of 2014 and brought General Synod 2014 to a close.