January 2022 edition of SEI Newsletter is out now

January 5, 2022

The value of gathering is the theme of the latest edition of the Scottish Episcopal Institute Newsletter, following the success of the residential weekend held last month (pictured above).

Although Covid restrictions continue to be amended, the opportunity to meet in person when it is safe prompted reflection on all that has been missed over much of the last two years during the pandemic.

The joys of returning to life as we knew it are explored in the Newsletter, although sadly, the next residential weekend this month is back to the online format as infection rates rise once more.

There are also items about the SEI’s annual overnight staff-training residential for its tutors (15-16 March), the success of SEI Advent series ‘Reading the Bible like an Episcopalian’, recent donations to the SEI Training Fund, new SEI team members, and good news about a generous grant received from the Rebecca Hussey Book Charity which has been invested in resources for the SEI’s new module on community engagement.

The January 2022 edition of the Newsletter can be found here.