Join the Scottish Episcopal Virtual Choir

December 9, 2020

Music is especially important at this time of year, and so the team behind provincial online broadcasts intends to produce a series of musical offerings for use during Advent and Christmas worship.

Full details and instructions can be found here.

The system for creating musical offerings is uncomplicated, and is designed to allow a large number of contributors from around the Province to take part. If you love to sing, and wish to be involved in this musical offering for Advent and Christmas, please see this page on our website.

We are keen for as many people as possible to be involved in this project to produce six Carols to celebrate Advent and Christmas as a dispersed but still connected community during the pandemic, so if there are people in your circle who love to sing and might be interested in joining in, please share this information with them.  This project is open to all.  The deadline for receiving contributions is 5pm on 18 December.

Singing ability is welcome, but enthusiasm is essential!  If you regularly sing in a choir, we would love to have you sing the harmonies, but if singing the tune is more your style, that fine too!

In addition to the above, we would be extremely keen to hear from Charges in the Scottish Episcopal Church who are already doing their own Virtual Choir work to see if there is an opportunity for co-working.  Please contact