Making the best of a different Christmas

October 14, 2020

Writing in the Press & Journal newspaper, Bishop Anne Dyer looks ahead to a Christmas that will be very different from any we have known, because of coronavirus restrictions.

“In our homes, there will be fewer people around the table and TV. There will be no workplace parties. There will be no pantomimes and theatre trips,” writes the Bishop of Aberdeen & Orkney.

“Christmas in our churches will also be changed. There will be no carol services as we cannot sing together inside. Services which would usually be packed will only be able to have a few attending. Church Christmas will be via Zoom or YouTube and will not feel like Christmas at all.

“I think we have a choice. We could let all of this add to our misery and allow it to make us downhearted. Or we could decide right now to make of it the very best we can and do things differently.”

The full article can be read here.