New provincial broadcast launches on Thursday

May 12, 2020

A new provincial worship service will be launched this week, with the first Service of the Word broadcast going live on Thursday 14 May.

The Rev Roxanne Campbell, Assistant Curate at St Ninian’s Church, Dundee, will lead a Service of the Word from her home in Dundee, joined by people from across the Province.

“We are following a Service of the Word, forms of which can be found going back to the earliest days of Christian’s gathering for worship,” says Rev Campbell. “At the heart of this service there is the proclamation and exposition of God’s word, and you will hear that in it we use texts from scripture as the basis for much of our prayers.”

The service will be available from 6.30pm, and then at the same time every Thursday. It will be broadcast on the Scottish Episcopal Church Facebook page and YouTube channel.

A range of contributors from all dioceses will participate as the new broadcast is rolled out.

The Service of the Word builds on the existing provincial broadcast Eucharistic services, led by the College of Bishops, which goes out at 11am every Sunday.

You can find the service at:

And you can download the liturgy here.