New website for Scottish Episcopal Institute

June 24, 2022

The Scottish Episcopal Institute now has its own dedicated website, which was launched earlier this month.

Previously, all matters regarding the SEI were featured in a section of the Scottish Episcopal Church website, but the need for the Institute to make more use of its online presence has led to the creation of this new resource.

The SEI site will be a source of information on the work of the Institute specifically for prospective students, the wider Scottish Episcopal Church, and the academic community more generally.

It will also bring together news stories and information on the wide range of work that the Institute undertakes, in place of the monthly SEI Newsletter. However, a condensed version of the news items from the website will also be sent out monthly.

The Rev Canon Dr Anne Tomlinson, SEI Principal, said: “SEI staff and students alike are thrilled to have this dedicated independent site for Institute business. It allows us to communicate with the wider church and the public in a more immediate, contemporary way than simply through the posting of lengthy pdf documents as hitherto.

“Students will continue to have their own internal site for all curricular matters; we will use this new site to post material regularly about courses that are open to all, issues of theological interest and regular news updates on the life of the SEI community.”

The site can be accessed here.

News items and information about our short courses and events will be shared on the SEI Facebook page, which is being administered by the Rev Dr Richard Tiplady.