Primus and Archbishop of Canterbury meet with First Minister

November 24, 2014

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met with The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby and The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Most Rev David Chillingworth this morning at Bute House and says:

 “I warmly welcome the Archbishop of Canterbury to Scotland and meeting with the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church and I look forward to building on the strong and respectful relationship the Scottish Government has with Scotland’s Churches.

“We have a shared commitment to tackling inequality, in particular combating the impact of welfare changes and addressing the issue of poverty among those in work, and I am eager we continue to work towards our aim of creating a more fair and just society.

“The Scottish Government recognises the substantial and enduring influence of the Christian faith in transforming and inspiring Scotland’s people and culture. We further look forward to the continuing participation of Scotland’s Churches in conversations about Scotland’s future.

“Modern Scotland is a multi-faith and multi-cultural society, and as a Government we welcome and value the contribution made by all Scotland’s diverse faith and belief communities, to enrich us all.”