Reading the Bible like an Episcopalian lecture series now available online

January 17, 2022

Reading the Bible like an Episcopalian was a series of talks by the Rev Dr Mike Hull, Director of Studies at the Scottish Episcopal Institute. The talks, delivered during the 2021 Season of Advent, reflected upon ways in which Episcopalians understand Holy Scripture.

Following the conclusion of the lecture series, they have now been made available online at the Scottish Episcopal Church’s YouTube channel.

Introducing the series Dr Hull said: “Because we Episcopalians, like all Christians, read the Bible from our own perspective and within our own denomination, it is worth probing our own predilections. It is worth asking, in other words, what characterises an Episcopalian approach to the Bible over time, say, from the Reformation until today.”

The talks address: (1) how we settled on the Bible as the last word at the Reformation; (2) how we pray with the Bible and why Books of Common Prayer came into use; (3) how the Enlightenment affects the way we read the Bible; and (4) how we read the Bible in a variety of ways in our own day.

Each talk last for around an hour and can be found here:

  1. The Bible’s authority: Who’s got the last word?
  2. Praying with the Bible: Why a Book of Common Prayer?
  3. The Bible in the Enlightenment: Who’s the light of the world?
  4. The Bible in the twenty-first century: How do we read it?