Vacancies on provincial boards and committees

March 22, 2024

The Provincial boards and committees structure provides the framework through which the work of the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church is carried out, supported by staff of the General Synod Office and the Scottish Episcopal Institute.

Each board or committee oversees a specific area of the Church’s work. Conveners are elected by the General Synod while committee members are appointed by their parent board, and board members are generally appointed by dioceses.

The work of committee members is vital to the Church’s ability to achieve its objectives, as they pursue and put into action the broad policy guidelines laid out by the General Synod. Without this indispensable support, the Church would struggle to function properly.

Participation on boards and committees is undoubtedly a commitment on the part of volunteers, but members often report a sense of achievement and satisfaction in their roles, as they play their part in helping the Church to flourish. Recent editions of Inspires Online have highlighted the work of the Administration Board and the Standing Committee and given examples of the roles fulfilled.

Members often have previous experience or expertise in a particular field – from information technology to overseas mission and youth work, and more – and there are committees which would benefit from such input.

Meetings tend to be no more than quarterly and can be held in-person, but post-Covid many of the boards and committees have conducted a significant number of meetings online, thus cutting down on travelling.

“The Scottish Episcopal Church is blessed with members who have skills, wisdom and experience in a wide range of areas but the province is not always aware of who and where such people are,” says John Stuart, Secretary General.

“We would benefit greatly from members making themselves available to serve on provincial committees. And the benefit is not just one way – members themselves benefit from the opportunity to share in the life of the wider church and network with others. Now more than ever we need new members – so let me encourage us all to ensure that our lights are not hidden under bushels!”

At present, 12 of the Provincial boards and committees have vacancies and would be pleased to hear from anyone who could contribute to their work.

If you think you could help any of these boards or committees, and would like to learn more about how they operate, please get in touch with the listed GSO contact, by email.

Administration Board

Responsible for overseeing the work of its pendant committees, developing policies relating to a range of issues including clergy stipends and building grants and the provision of information to charges on a variety of charity regulatory and compliance matters. More info here.

GSO contact: Malcolm Bett –

Buildings Committee

Responsible for providing guidance on matters concerning the maintenance and upkeep of church buildings and also considering appeals lodged under Canon 35 against the decision of a Diocesan Buildings Committee or Diocesan Bishop. More info here.

GSO contact: John Stuart –

Canons Committee

Responsible for drafting changes to the Code of Canons. More info here.

GSO contact: Miriam Weibye –

Church in Society Committee

Addresses major issues facing Scottish society and encourages positive change in government policy and within the global community, and can provide some small grant provision for local projects. More info here.

GSO contact: Miriam Weibye –

Global Partnerships Committee

Responsible for supporting church projects and people all over the world. It enables the Scottish Episcopal Church to reach out in prayer and commit to the needs of the wider church community. More info here.

GSO contact: Miriam Weibye –

Institute Council

Has strategic oversight of the Scottish Episcopal Institute and of the delivery of formation and training for authorised ministry in the Scottish Episcopal Church. More info here.

GSO contact: Prof Michael Hull –

Inter-Church Relations Committee

Responsible for promoting inter-church working locally and nationally. More info here.

GSO contact: Miriam Weibye –

Investment Committee

Responsible for investment strategy and monitoring the performance of the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Unit Trust Pool. More info here.

GSO contact: Neil Wright –

Local Mission Development Committee

Responsible for encouraging and enabling local and Diocesan work, and to helping share the good news of this work across the Province. More info here.

GSO contact: John Stuart –

Personnel Committee

Responsible for matters relating to the terms and conditions of clergy service and for promoting clergy wellbeing. More info here.

GSO contact: John Stuart –

Retirement Housing Committee

Responsible for assisting with the provision of retirement housing and related assistance to retired clergy. More info here.

GSO contact: Neil Wright –

Safeguarding Committee

Responsible for the General Synod policy in relation to work and ministry with children and vulnerable adults. More info here.

GSO contact: John Wyllie –