Zoom guidelines and etiquette for SEC use

May 18, 2020

Zoom has become a way of life for many of us during the coronavirus pandemic, with the video conferencing tool used for everything from work meetings and family gatherings to even funeral services.

However although Zoom’s opportunities and advantages have been embraced globally, the software has not been without its problems. Last weekend, disruption to Zoom facilities on Sunday morning meant that many services of worship could not be streamed live.

But despite this difficulty, Zoom has been vital to our ability to keep channels of communication open during lockdown and social distancing. It is likely to remain a key part of our working and everyday lives as we come out of lockdown gradually.

The Scottish Episcopal Church has produced guidelines and tips on how to use Zoom, and this can be accessed here. It will be updated as and when any further issues might emerge.

Meanwhile, Bishop Anne Dyer writes about re-kindling old friendships on Zoom, in her latest column for the Press & Journal.

“Lockdown is providing all of us with time to reflect,” writes Bishop Anne.

“There will be good reasons why we have drifted away from old friendships, but there is something in the fragility of these present times that enables us to be open and reconnect again.”

You can read Bishop Anne’s column at the link below.

Anne Dyer: Reconnecting with old friends has been a pleasure