Prayer during election campaign: Sunday 30 June

June 29, 2024

Each Sunday in the run up to the UK general election on Thursday 4 July, Churches across Scotland have been praying for candidates, voters, and all engaged in the democratic process.

Church leaders from across Scotland, including the Primus, the Most Rev Mark Strange, have offered words that may be used. This Sunday, they continue to “encourage Christians in Scotland to engage actively, constructively, and charitably in the democratic process of the General Election” with this prayer:

God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Maker of heaven and earth
And of all things visible and invisible.
We turn to you in search of wisdom for our times
And the assurance that, in all things,
You remain sovereign and ruler over all.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

You are sovereign and ruler over all
And so, in the discerning of who might best govern our nation,
We turn to you once more.
Grant to us, and to all who seek your will,
A desire to see good governance established
In the interests of all who inhabit these lands.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

You are concerned for the interests of all
And you deny to no one the dignity and integrity
That belong to all who are made in your image.
Grant to us a concern for all who stand on the margins of society
And the courage to affirm their dignity and integrity
And so to stand in solidarity with them.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

You stand in solidarity with us,
Even through Jesus Christ
Your Word made flesh who lived amongst us.
Grant to us the ongoing commitment to pray for, and to engage with,
Those who are elected to govern in our name
That we might see our society better reflect the Kingdom that is to come.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Most Rev. Mark Strange, Primus, on behalf of the College of Bishops, Scottish Episcopal Church
Rt. Rev. Dr Shaw Paterson, Moderator of the General Assembly, Church of Scotland
Most Rev. Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Roman Catholic Church
Col. Sylvia Hinton, Secretary for Scotland, Salvation Army
Adwoa Burnley, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Rev. Colin Brown, Moderator, United Free Church of Scotland
Rev. Callum Macleod, Moderator, Free Church of Scotland
Rev. Lindsey Sanderson, Moderator, United Reformed Church (Scotland)
Rev. Dr Martin Hodson, General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland
Rev. Mark Slaney, District Chair, Methodist Church (Scotland)
Rev. Ruairidh MacRae, Chair, Congregational Federation in Scotland
Pastor Chris Gbenle, Provincial Pastor, Province of Scotland, Redeemed Christian Church of God
Rt. Rev. Kenneth Nowakowski, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London