Thought for the Day: Lake Wobegon Days recalled

December 3, 2020

American writer Garrison Keillor’s reminiscences of everyday life in the imaginary small town of Lake Wobegon, where the news is usually good, were evoked when Bishop David Chillingworth delivered Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Scotland this morning.

The former Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church reflected on what has happened to society during the pandemic, and what we might hope for as a vaccine emerges.

“I’m hoping for a new normal which takes account of what we have learned in this awful period,” said Bishop David, “for we have realised that good leadership really matters, so too does communication and caring for each other, and the jobs that people do really matter – in the NHS, in the care sector, in retail and local services. Underpinning it all is the challenge to the environment. As vaccines start to open up our world again we need a real shift in what we value, and how our priorities change in response.

“Garrison Keillor writes about Lake Wobegon with affection, with warmth and hope. A year from now, I’d love to write just as warmly and positively about what this difficult year has taught out communities.”

Thought for the Day from the Good Morning Scotland programme can be listened to on the BBC Sounds website here. Bishop David can be heard at the 1hr 21min 30sec mark.