Videos of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Selected videos of the Scottish Episcopal Church.


Welcome to the Scottish Episcopal Church

A Church in Scotland, for Scotland, of Scotland

Bishop Michael Curry Preaching in St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen

The Presiding Bishop of the The Episcopal Church (TEC)

Christmas Message 2016

The Primus shares his thoughts for Christmas 2016

Scottish Episcopal Institute: Inaugural Annual Lecture 2016

First Annual Lecture of the SEI

SEI Students

Where we are now

Most Rev David Chillingworth: Primus' Charge

General Synod 2016

Alistair Dinnie: Meeting of the ACC

A reaction to the recent meeting in Zambia

Most Rev David Chillingworth

Christmas message 2015

Carving the Cross

Mike Appleby on how his carving expresses his faith

The Revd.Markus Dünzkofer - The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now

Revd. Rosie Addis: Sign Language in the Church

Revd. Rosie Addis: Lord's Prayer in BSL

Right Rev Kevin Pearson - What do God and the Church offer?

Most Rev David Chillingworth - Christmas 2014

Most Rev David Chillingworth - Easter

Most Rev David Chillingworth - Introduction to Scottish Episcopal Church

Right Rev Dr Robert Gillies - Lent

Right Rev Dr Gregor Duncan - Prayer

Right Rev Dr John Armes - Social Justice and Poverty

Right Rev Mark Strange - Rural life and the Church

Right Rev Dr Nigel Peyton - Regeneration

Right Rev Dr Robert Gillies - Church Growth

Right Rev Kevin Pearson - Reading and Prayer for Remembrance