Scottish Episcopal Institute (SEI)

The Scottish Episcopal Institute forms those preparing for a variety of authorised ministries in the Scottish Episcopal Church, lay and ordained, and in the United Reformed Church in Scotland, shaping vibrant missional ministers for today’s world. It encourages an ethos of ongoing learning for all involved in ministry, both through its oversight of Continuing Ministerial Development and in the encouragement and resourcing of lifelong enquiry in a learning church.

SEI has a Provincial Office, based in Edinburgh, and a dispersed operation throughout all seven dioceses of the SEC.

This site includes details of our provincial and diocesan staff.

SEI’s work is overseen by the Institute Council.

SEI Foundation Year Rationale and Curriculum

The SEI Foundation Year Rationale and Curriculum explains SEI’s system of every-other-year entry and offers suggestions for study prior to formal training.

SEI Field Education Handbook


The SEI Field Education Handbook contains everything needed for engagement in and assessment of the Field Education experience (2018-19).



Diocesan Advisers’ Pro Forma material 2018-19

The Diocesan Advisers’ Pro Forma material (2018-19) provides Diocesan Advisers with pro formas for the Programme of Study Summary, Programme of Study (Record of Development) and the Appraisal Conference process.

Placement Agreement Form 2018-19

The Placement Agreement Form (2018-19) provides the form that the Diocesan Adviser should complete at the initial meeting with a Placement Supervisor and candidate.

Placement Supervisor’s Assessment Form 2018-19

The Placement Supervisor’s Assessment Form (2018-19) is completed by the Placement Supervisor towards the close of the placement for discussion with a candidate and his/her Diocesan Adviser at the End-of-Placement meeting.

SEI Prayer Diary 2018-19


The SEI Prayer Diary (2018-19) provides the Church with a way of praying daily for all involved in the SEI Community.



IME 1-3 Handbook 2018-19


The IME 1-3 Handbook 2018-19 offers a wealth of information about the Scottish Episcopal Institute, and about Initial Ministerial Education 1-3 in the Scottish Episcopal Church and its ecumenical partner, the United Reformed Church in Scotland.



Curates’ IME 4-6 Handbook January 2019


The Curates’ IME 4-6 Handbook (June 2018) contains all the information needed for Initial Ministerial Education 4-6 regarding curacies in the Scottish Episcopal Church for incumbents, curates, congregations and bishops.


Curates’ IME 4-6 Pro Formas

The Curates’ IME 4-6 Pro Formas include forms for use prior to receiving a curate, forms for review during and after a curacy, tools for use during a curacy, and the skills a curate should evidence.

Lay Readers’ IME 4-6 Handbook May 2016


The Lay Readers’ IME 4-6 Handbook (May 2016) is offered to all newly licensed Lay Readers and their incumbents to ensure that Lay Readers in their first three years of public ministry are properly equipped, resourced and supported.


Lay Readers’ IME 4-6 Pro Formas

The Lay Readers’ IME 4-6 Pro Formas are given here to chart the formational outcomes for Lay Readers by the end of their Initial Ministerial Formation.