The Religious Life

There are four religious communities in the Scottish Episcopal Church:

Franciscan Hermits of the Transfiguration

Hermitage of the Transfiguraton, 70E Clerk Street, Loanhead EH20 9RG
T 0131 440 1242

Society of Our Lady of the Isles

Contact the Aberdeen and Orkney Diocesan Office T 01224 662247

The Carmel Community

7a Gress, Isle of Lewis HS2 0NB
T 01851 820484 email:

The Emmaus Community of St Benedict

14 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh EH3 9NQ
T 0131 228 1066 email:

Third Orders

Some people become associated with Religious Orders as Tertiaries. They follow a rule which is closely connected to the ideals and spirit of a religious order, but do not live in the religious community.

Anglican Tertiaries in Scotland include:

The Society of St Francis (Franciscans):

See also:

Benedictine Oblates:

Order of the Holy Paraclete:


You might find it helpful to talk to your priest about your sense of vocation. They will be able to give you guidance and suggestions of further steps to take.