Agreement signed between the College of Bishops and Church Army

October 13, 2023

A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed between the College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) and Church Army, an Anglican mission agency active throughout the United Kingdom. The Primus of the SEC, the Most Rev Mark Strange signed for the SEC and the Ven Dr Peter Rouch, Chief Executive signed for Church Army.

Church Army and the SEC partner in ‘Centres of Mission’, rooted in worshipping SEC communities and engaging in their local communities. The staff of these Centres of Mission are shared between the SEC and Church Army, and each Centre is supported from Charge, Diocese and Church Army in Scotland and their headquarters in Sheffield.

Peter said, “Church Army is words and action. Church Army is good news for those on life’s margins, suffering with the impacts of social and material deprivation. Church Army works in partnership with the Anglican provinces of UK and Ireland to proclaim good news. We are delighted to have been working in partnership with dioceses within the Scottish Episcopal Church, as the Anglican Communion Province that covers Scotland, for many years. As we work together so we learn together and understand what will best enable our mission and our partnership. The Memorandum of Agreement recently signed draws this learning together and refreshes the framework for the next chapter. It is a joy to see this come to fruition and a joy to continue to journey together for the benefit of all God’s children.”

Bishop Mark Strange said, “It was great delight that I signed the new Memorandum of Agreement with the Church Army with Peter Rouch, the CEO of the Church Army, who had travelled to Edinburgh for the event. The Church Army has had a long and distinguished history of working alongside the Scottish Episcopal Church, with evangelists recorded as working in communities across Scotland almost since the beginning of the organisation. We have a number of Centres of Mission working at present and this new Memorandum will enable us to work together with a clear understanding of the opportunities and responsibilities of our partnerships. I wish to thank all those in Church Army and the College of Bishops involved for the work they did with the Church Army to bring this new Memorandum to fruition.”

The Memorandum of Agreement can be read here.

Image: The memorandum of agreement is signed. Left to right – Bishop Andrew Swift, Lead Bishop for Church Army in the SEC, Peter Rouch, Chief Executive of Church Army, Bishop Mark Strange, Primus, and Canon Kerry Dixon, Church Army Mission Development Officer (Scotland)