An Island Parish

November 24, 2015

The second series of An Island Parish on BBC 2, featuring the Rev Dr Richard Hines and his wife Jen when they were in the Falkland Islands returned to screens on Friday 13 November (8.30pm) for six weeks. The Rev Dr Richard Hines is now Priest in Charge at St James Church, Aberdeen.

Speaking about the filming Richard says “Rarely did the experience become tedious even when it regularly required 5 or 6 separate takes from different angles and viewpoints to film the simple business of leaving the house or getting into a vehicle.”

It was whilst filming that a new friendship by e-mail with the Rt Rev Dr Bob Gillies, Bishop of Aberdeen & Orkney was established through a mutual friend. Richard’s impending retirement and his willingness to consider a fresh opportunity for ministry led eventually to his appointment by Bishop Bob as a House-for-Duty priest-in-charge. Richard says”Bishop Bob assured me that if we had coped with the weather in the South Atlantic we’d likely feel at home in Aberdeen. He was right. With the warm welcome from the congregation itself and the occasional ‘Haven’t I seen you on television?’ from people we meet in the shops or on the bus, Jen and I have made many friends and do already feel remarkably at home in the North-East.

“It’s not a lazy start to my retirement, but a great and enjoyable privilege to be living and serving God in such a pleasant and interesting city. Quite a refreshing contrast to a small island parish!”