College of Bishops comments on the EU Exit debate

February 27, 2019

The College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church have been praying for and supporting all those involved in the debate on Brexit as well as those who believe they will be adversely affected by the outcomes of the debate and decisions made.

The College says: “As the debate has continued and Parliament’s inability to reach an agreement has become more obvious, we have become increasingly concerned at the level of aggression heard in the media and at times in parliamentary behaviour in regard to those from across Europe who we firmly believe are valued members of our communities.

“Scotland is rooted in values that make us an inclusive place and that is mirrored in the life of The Scottish Episcopal Church. We would emphasise that our church welcomes all those from beyond Scotland and the UK who choose to live amongst us. We celebrate all that they bring to our communities and we offer them our support at this anxious time.

“We are ready to welcome new Scots from across the world: those who bring such beautiful diversity to Scotland.”