General Synod 2013 – Thursday 6 June Afternoon Session

June 6, 2013

The afternoon session of General Synod started with discussions in small buzz groups on Membership Statistics. Following this, The Rt Rev Dr Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway and Convener of the Faith and Order Board introduced the Faith and Order Board session and the Very Rev Jeremy Auld, Convener of the Committee on Canons who presented Canons for first and second readings. The Motions on the Canons related to lay representation at Diocesan Synods and the resolution of pastoral breakdown and other differences and disputes. The Rev Ian Paton, Convener of the Liturgy Committee then presented proposed alterations to the Scottish Calendar in relation to Saints Days (St James of Jerusalem, St Boisil, (Motions 7-9) in the General Synod papers) and to Nomenclature for Sundays in Lent (Motion 10). The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, Convener of the Information and Communication Board, highlighted the Church’s increased media profile through a number of bishops speaking out on a wide range of topics and encouraged Synod members to engage creatively with the Press locally. Provost Holdsworth then drew Synod’s attention to the work that is underway towards renewing the online presence of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Mr Andrew November, Chairman of the Pension Fund Trustees presented an overview of the Pension Fund Consultation and highlighted the Fund’s Actuarial Valuation and Recovery Plan. Mr David Palmer, Convener of the Standing Committee, presented the Motion in which the Standing Committee request the Pension Fund Trustees to alter the Rules of the Scottish Episcopal Church Pension Fund with effect from 1st January 2014 to provide that normal retirement age in relation to future pensionable service be 67; and that, in relation to future pensionable service, increases in future pensionable stipend/salary be determined by Standing Committee subject in all cases to a maximum of not more than the increase in the Retail Prices Index. The business of the first day of General Synod 2013 closed with a presentation from Mr Michael Lugton, Convener of the Administration Board