General Synod 2024 Offering to support Friends of the Holy Land

April 24, 2024

Each year as part of the opening Eucharist at the General Synod, the Scottish Episcopal Church makes a donation to a charitable organisation.  This year, recognising the dire situation in the Holy Land, the offering will be given to ‘Friends of the Holy Land’, a non-political Christian Charity whose mission is to secure a resilient and enduring Christian community in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan.

On their website they indicate that: “the focus of our work is providing practical help directly to the most needy and vulnerable of our Christian brothers and sisters through a balance of funding immediate relief of emergency needs and practical small projects to help create a sustainable future in the Holy Land – most importantly to give them hope. We have a team of locally based lay and clerical professionals who identify and verify our cases.”

Donations can be made during the Synod Eucharist or online via our Stewardship link here.

You can read more about Friends of the Holy Land at their website here.