How to help the vulnerable caught in Ukraine crisis

March 3, 2022

The conflict unfolding in Ukraine following invasion by Russian forces has been a shocking sight to witness over the past week.

Civilians are under attack and many thousands have had to flee Ukraine as refugees. We pray for peace.

Many of us have asked: how can we help? What can we do to support those who find themselves involved in a war they do not want?

Local initiatives are taking place across the country to provide funds and supplies for the vulnerable and those whose lives are at risk, and international aid agencies are appealing for support.

For those who would like to help but are unsure how to go about this, the College of Bishops would like to highlight two national donation schemes:

As Bishop Mark Strange, Primus, said when the conflict began: “As Christians we are called to be people of prayer. Our prayer is for peace, and also for the strength to offer ourselves in the service of others.

“Let us pray for peace, and prepare ourselves to offer support where it is needed.”