New Net Zero Toolkit and Net Zero Cards

August 30, 2023

To celebrate the beginning of the Season of Creation (1 September – 4 October 2023), the Provincial Environment Group (PEG) is pleased to announce the release of the updated Net Zero Toolkit.

This online resource has been completely redesigned to complement the ten core objectives identified in the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Net Zero Action Plan (2023-2030), approved by General Synod in June 2023.

The new toolkit:

  • Provides an overview of Net Zero and how the Scottish Episcopal Church has defined it, as well as the values that have guided the approach.
  • Helps churches identify specific tasks they can take to work towards Net Zero 2030.
  • Demonstrates where help and support is available, including third-party tools and a list of grants to apply for.
  • Provides a simple guide to the process, recognising that one size does not fit all.
  • Integrates the online version of the new Net Zero Cards, also available now.

Integrating the online version of the Net Zero Cards directly into the toolkit enables a seamless link between the objectives identified in the Net Zero Action Plan (2023-2030), the many tasks outlined in the Net Zero Toolkit, and the individual actions described on the cards. Together, the new Net Zero Toolkit and online Net Zero Cards provide a one-stop resource, enabling all churches to take immediate steps to work towards Net Zero 2030. You can find out more and access the toolkit now at

Welcoming the Net Zero Cards, Prof. Peter SharpConvenor of the Provincial Buildings Committee said: “Responding to changes to the environment is one of the biggest challenges facing the Scottish Episcopal Church today. Many of us will be keen to ensure that our church plays its part in supporting Net Zero 2030 but, perhaps, are concerned as to how best we can meet the objectives set out in the plan.

“The Provincial Buildings Committee sees the Net Zero Cards as an invaluable tool in achieving the objectives and they also complement the various guidelines that the committee has already issued and will continue to do so in the coming months.”

In addition to the online version of the Net Zero Cards, a physical 57-card pack will be available shortly from the General Synod Office. Further information will be available soon on how your church can get a set of cards.

“I am thrilled to have worked with people across the SEC community to deliver the next generation of the Net Zero Toolkit and the Net Zero Cards,” said PEG consultant Robert Woodford. “I want to, in particular, thank Jean Carletta (Director of Heathack) for all her work in helping roll out these powerful new resources. I hope collectively they empower and inspire all churches to consider the many actions they can take to work to buildings. Full details are available in the latest edition of Inspires Online, the e-newsletter from the Scottish Episcopal Church.wards Net Zero 2030.”

Meanwhile, the Provincial Environment Group is looking for ten congregations to run Net Zero Workshops starting this autumn, and it is also calling on engineers to get involved with every congregation running those Workshops  – to help them be practical in their planning and make sure they understand some very basic facts about heating