General Election 2015

The 2015 General Election was held on 7 May 2015.

Below is a selection of Bishops’ thoughts and comments leading up to the event:

A Prayer for Politics

The Rt Rev Dr Nigel Peyton, Bishop of Brechin, writing for the Dundee Courier on 1 May urges that in the likely event of a coalition government once again coming into existence, politicians generously work together to seek the common good.

A Prayer for Politics (PDF)

Election Debates: Who asks the Questions?

In his reflection on the media coverage of the General Election, such as in the Television Debates, the Rt Rev Dr Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, calls for greater respect from presenters and journalists when engaging with politicians.

Election Debates: Who asks the Questions? (PDF)

The Role of Faith and Values in Decision Making

The Most Rev David Chillingworth, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, took part in a discussion on the role of faith and values in relation to the General Election on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday Morning with…. The programme is available here.