‘One More Card’ Campaign

December 22, 2015

The Church in Society and Global Partnerships Committees of the Scottish Episcopal Church are supporting an initiative from the Joint Public Issues Team to raise awareness of the ‘Enough’ report, which challenges Benefit cuts. Details of the initiative to send one more Christmas card can be found here.

On commenting on the ‘Enough’ report, The Rt Rev Dr John Armes, Bishop of Edinburgh (who represents the College of Bishops on the Church in Society Committee) says “This report makes very clear that UK Government benefit cuts are not working.  Far from encouraging adults back to work they threaten, instead, the health and well-being of families with children.  This is a moral issue and it undermines the principle on which the Welfare State was founded, namely that people should have sufficient benefits to meet their basic needs.  I would appeal to the UK government to pay attention to this report and to reconsider its policies in the light of the evidence that their cuts are causing the weakest and poorest in our nation undue suffering.’