Online Conference Discusses Liturgical Inclusion

August 24, 2023

Following the success of the 2021 conference, “Gender and Liturgy in Conversation”, the “Responding to the Sacred” group of Scottish Episcopalians is preparing for its second conference this September, titled “Responding to the Sacred: Inclusive Liturgies/Porous Walls – New Conversations”. Organised in collaboration with the Liturgy Committee, the event aims to explore how creative practices in liturgy can foster inclusivity. By engaging with artists and showcasing examples of creative practices, the conference organisers hope to initiate discussions about the innovative possibilities of understanding and adopting unfamiliar perspectives in liturgy.

From 4th to 7th September, the conference will consist of one pre-recorded conversation daily on its YouTube channel at 10:30 am. These videos will remain available for continued viewing. The event will culminate in a live plenary session on 9th September at 11 am. This session will host as many of the conversation partners as are available and provide a platform for further discussion and questions from the audience.

For more details and to access these conversations, visit the “Responding to the Sacred” Facebook and YouTube pages. To join the plenary session on 9 September and engage with the discussion, click here.


4 September – Including Ecology: taking the doctrine of creation seriously. What liturgical resources are needed in the present climate ‘urgency’? Contributors include The Rev Dr James Currall and Dr Bridget Nichols.

5 September – ‘Staging the Wreckage’: Delving into insights from practical theology, shedding light on historically silenced communities and voices. Featuring Professor Heather Walton and Dr Wren Radford.

6 September – People are Strange: Exploring divergent perspectives and reflections on a liturgical wishlist. With Dr Ruth Dunster and The Rev Canon Paul Watson.

7 September – Porous Portals: Discovering the importance of including art in worship, with discussions from The Rev Canon Graham Ward, The Rev Dr Dan Inman, and Dr Jim Blackstone.

For enquiries or additional information, please contact the Responding to the Sacred Steering Committee at