Primus’ statement on the prorogation of Parliament

August 28, 2019

The Most Rev Mark Strange, Bishop of Moray, Ross & Caithness and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church responded to today’s announcement about the prospective prorogation of Parliament in early September as follows: “As the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, I am very aware that Scotland emphatically voted to remain in the European Union in 2016. The implications of that vote affect our debate as a Church on the behaviour and practices of our leaders throughout this increasingly fractious time.

“I have struggled with the fact that Parliament is in recess while decisions about such important matters are being made around and outside it – people say to me that they simply cannot understand why the debate has stalled. I am therefore extremely uncomfortable at the request to prorogue Parliament at this time. I am increasingly worried that the apparent manipulation of parliamentary process seems to be becoming the norm in this debate, rather than full and frank discussion between elected members on a way forward for the whole country.

“In Scotland, this continuing uncertainty, alongside the majority wish to remain in the EU, will further fuel the debate on Independence, a debate that becomes more vocal as each day passes.

“The Scottish Episcopal Church will be holding a day of prayer as we approach the end of October. We will join with others in preparing for reconciliation in what is becoming an increasingly politically fractured society.”