Rev Hall highlights leadership values on BBC

July 19, 2021

‘What makes a good leader?’ was the question asked by the Rev Diana Hall on BBC Radio Scotland last week.

On the ‘Thought for The Day’ slot during breakfast show Good Morning Scotland, the Rector of St Anne’s in Dunbar said that when Christians consider leadership, they look to the example of Jesus of Nazareth.

Describing how Jesus concentrated on serving others, Ms Hall said: “One of the most striking displays of this happened on his final evening with the disciples. Before supper he worked his way around the room. One after another he washed the disciples’ feet. It was a shocking thing to do – a task regarded as dirty, reserved for slaves, certainly not for a wise teacher to do. But after he finished he said to them: ‘I have set out an example; you should do as I have done for you.’

“Leadership is always contextual, and the ingredients for excellent leadership today are unlikely to involve actually washing feet. Nevertheless, humility, loving service, and leading by example are perhaps values we can all seek to cultivate.”

The full version of Ms Hall’s broadcast can be heard here at the 1hr23min mark.