The Scottish Episcopal Church in Scotland

The Scottish Episcopal Church sustains a vigorous life in Scotland today.

While it is relatively small in numbers, it is widely respected for the quality of its ministry and worship and for the thoughtful dialogue which is characteristic of its life.

Scottish society is secular in character and increasingly diverse. The Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) is increasingly engaged in relationship with the Scottish Government and in wider public discourse.  The SEC likes to see itself as a ‘thinking church’ and it has a culture of lively debate.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is diverse in character.  There are strong congregations of evangelical tradition while much of the church retains the catholic influence of the 19th century Oxford Movement.

Those who encounter the SEC’s life and worship are drawn into the colour and dignity of its worship and the quality of its thinking.

Leadership is collegial and democratic and there is a strong culture of sharing of ministry between clergy and laity.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is deeply committed to the development of ecumenical relationships and has been a leader in the development of interfaith relationships in the increasing diversity of Scotland today.