Three days in Holy Week – devotional book for Lent

February 4, 2014

Examining how we might approach Lent as a spiritual discipline, the Rt Rev Dr Robert Gillies, Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney asks us to consider to ‘give up, give away, take on’:

A devotional book for Lent based on a series of Lenten reflections given in St Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Fifth Avenue, New York by Dr. Gillies has been published by Handsel Press and is now available for sale at £6.95.

Advance copies are available at cost price before Lent at £5.00.
Email to order your copy.

The Rev Professor Trevor Hart, formerly Professor of Divinity in the University of St Andrews and now Rector of St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in St Andrews says of this book:

The tradition of offering meditations on Jesus’ seven last words from the cross is a long and venerable one, and a fitting Scriptural way to bring the church’s Lenten preparation for the celebration of Easter to a climax.

In this eminently readable little book Bishop Bob Gillies demonstrates just how rich and valuable a tradition is when done well.

In a series of vivid engagements with gospel passages he leads us from the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples, through the terrible events of Good Friday, and on to the enigma of the first Easter morning.

Each meditation brings the biblical text alive and refreshes our reading of it by relating the events of Holy Week to the pattern of Jesus’ earlier ministry, and suggesting how each speaks directly into our own situation today.  A fine aid to personal devotion for any season of the year.