World War I Reflection

August 5, 2014

The Most Rev David Chillingworth, Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church says,  “The Centenary of the outbreak of the conflict which became the First World War deserves quiet reflection with humility on the part of people, nations and their leaders around the world. During the next four years, we shall constantly be reminded of the unimaginable suffering and loss of that period.

“It seems that we have learned little during the past century. The world is beset by vicious conflicts, and suffering continues unabated. It is a particular concern that global institutions such as the United Nations seem relatively impotent and unable to fulfil the hopes of people across the world for a peaceful and just world order.

“People of faith as always must commit themselves to prayer and to the task of building peace. Peacemaking is as much a spiritual as a political task. Our prayer must be that the suffering of the past will not have been in vain.”