Videos of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Selected videos of the Scottish Episcopal Church.


Welcome to the Scottish Episcopal Church

A Church in Scotland, for Scotland, of Scotland

Christmas Message 2016

The Primus shares his thoughts for Christmas 2016

Scottish Episcopal Institute: Inaugural Annual Lecture 2016

First Annual Lecture of the SEI

SEI Students

Where we are now

Most Rev David Chillingworth: Primus' Charge

General Synod 2016

Alistair Dinnie: Meeting of the ACC

A reaction to the recent meeting in Zambia

Most Rev David Chillingworth

Christmas message 2015

Carving the Cross

Mike Appleby on how his carving expresses his faith

The Revd.Markus Dünzkofer - The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now

Revd. Rosie Addis: Sign Language in the Church

Revd. Rosie Addis: Lord's Prayer in BSL

Right Rev Kevin Pearson - What do God and the Church offer?

Most Rev David Chillingworth - Christmas 2014

Most Rev David Chillingworth - Easter

Most Rev David Chillingworth - Introduction to Scottish Episcopal Church

Right Rev Dr Robert Gillies - Lent

Right Rev Dr Gregor Duncan - Prayer

Right Rev Dr John Armes - Social Justice and Poverty

Right Rev Mark Strange - Rural life and the Church

Right Rev Dr Nigel Peyton - Regeneration

Right Rev Dr Robert Gillies - Church Growth

Right Rev Kevin Pearson - Reading and Prayer for Remembrance