Coronavirus updates and resources (updated 20 November 2020)

This page provides the Scottish Episcopal Church community with access to all recent announcements and relevant information from the College of Bishops in relation to how to respond to COVID-19 as we prioritise the protection of the vulnerable.

The page also contains information detailing measures taken by the Scottish Episcopal Church at General Synod Office to reduce the risk of infection.

In addition, resources for those who wish to use digital technology to communicate with congregations and the wider community also appears here.

New information will appear at the top of the links given below as it is released, with each link carrying a date of publication.

20/11/20 Revised Phase 3 Guidance (Version 7 – 20.11.20)

20/11/20 Frequently Asked Questions for Phase 3 (Version 6 – 20.11.20)

02/11/20 Revised Phase 3 Guidance (Version 6 – 2.11.20)

02/11/20 Revised Pastoral Guidelines for Phase 3 (Version 5 – 2.11.20)

02/11/20 Frequently Asked Questions for Phase 3 (Version 5- 2.11.20)

24/09/20 Revised Phase 3 Guidance (Version 5 – 24.9.2020)

24/09/20 Revised Pastoral Advice for Phase 3 (Version 4 – 24.09.20)

24/09/20 Frequently Asked Questions for Phase 3 (Version 4 – 24.09.20)

24/09/20 Pro-forma plan for re-opening churches

24/09/20 New version of re-opening guidance video released

14/08/20 Revised Pastoral Guidelines for Phase 3 (Version 3 – 14.8.2020)

14/08/20 Revised Guidance for Phase 3 including mandatory face coverings

07/08/20 Face coverings mandated for Places for Worship

04/08/20 Further revision to Phase 3 Guidance

22/07/20 SEC churches open for private prayer

17/07/20 FAQs for SEC churches in Phase 3 of the Route Map out of Lockdown

14/07/20 Revised guidance for Phase 3 out of lockdown

06/07/20 Phase 3 guidance: Gathering together again for worship

03/07/20 FAQs for SEC Churches in Phase 2 of the Route Map out of Lockdown

19/06/20 Revised Guidance for Phase 2 of emerging from lockdown

18/06/20 Start date confirmed for Phase 2 Guidance

12/06/20 Guidance for SEC ahead of Phase 2 of easing lockdown

05/06/20 Advisory Group to issue guidance next week

28/05/20 No change to Bishops’ guidance at Phase 1

22/05/20 Advisory Group formed to assist College of Bishops

18/05/20 Zoom guidelines and tips for Scottish Episcopal Church use 

15/05/20 Bishops plan for eventual easing of lockdown

08/05/20 Online Worship from around the Scottish Episcopal Church

07/05/20 Watch out for copyright issues

06/05/20 College of Bishops addresses lockdown debate

06/04/20 Abbreviated Funeral Rites for use in the COVID-19 Crisis

31/03/20 Prayers in a time of Pandemic

27/03/20 College of Bishops reflection on worship during lockdown

26/03/20 Guidance on weddings, funerals, baptisms and church access

24/03/20 Closure of General Synod Office

23/03/20 Church buildings closed to public until further notice

23/03/20 Lambeth Conference postponed until 2021

20/03/20 Online worship: ‘From my home to your home’

19/03/20 How to join our online Sunday worship

19/03/20 Light a candle on National Day of Prayer

18/03/20 A message from the Primus

18/03/20 Safeguarding considerations

18/03/20 Advice to Provincial Board and Committee members

18/03/20 Additional guidance following closures

17/03/20 Suspension of church services

13/03/20 2020 General Synod postponed