Guidance on the Appropriateness of Insulation of Church Buildings

The Buildings Committee, in consultation with the Provincial Environment Group, has produced some general guidance on the subject of insulation in church buildings, including some case studies.

Energy efficiency improvement is the first of the core objectives in the SEC Net Zero Action Plan. The question as to how to improve thermal insulation efficiency in church buildings and churches themselves, is extremely difficult. Due to the variations and diversity of them in age, design and fabric, it is impossible to find one particular solution. One size does not fit all.

Churches built hundreds of years ago vary so much as compared with those built in the 20th century with modern materials and design. So rather than attempting to provide detailed advice on insulation, three case studies are given covering a church hall, a 19th century church and a relatively modern church to illustrate the range of factors to be considered in addition to the choice of insulation.

Guidance on insulation (Nov 2023) – PDF