‘Spirituality’ is not something owned by any one Church or religion. It is how we journey through life in relation to those things which are of ultimate importance to ourselves. These might be a personal sense of integrity, a code of ethics, a deep personal commitment to the other human and sentient life around us.

For Christians it can be all of these things but each one finds their meaning and purpose in God. For the Christian, the spiritual journey is one of relating to this God, who is the ultimate cause and meaning behind everything that is.

Like all journeys, we need vehicles to help us on our way. A life which includes prayer, public and private, spiritual reading, silence and serving others, is a spiritual life on a journey with God.

In this section we provide forms of prayer and guidance. Each is a recommendation. Try them and see how they help you on your journey with God. Remember, though, often the best guidance and help can be found in being with those also on the journey in your local Church community and its ministers.

Since the 1960s increasing numbers of people have turned to spirituality rather than religion as a source of solace and to find sanctuary from the busy consumer world. People are eager to express their spirituality and to promote spirituality in society…What people mean when they use the word ‘spirituality’ varies enormously. When somebody says that they are spiritual this could mean they enjoy meditation or that they like to go for solitary walks. Or it could mean that they appreciate great art or that they love music. Above all, it usually means that they believe in the infinite value of human love.

Christopher Jamison OSB, Finding Sanctuary